Mill Levy Rate

Property taxes are the 2nd largest source of tax revenue for the City. Property taxes are determined by the valuations set by the County and the mill levy rate which is set by the City Commission. Throughout my time on the commission, I have diligently worked to keep the mill levy increases to a minimum. During the last five budget cycles (2018-2022) I have voted to hold the mill levy steady with only a 0.04 mill levy fluctuation. The chart to the right shows the mill levy from 2006-2021. 

My goal will always be to consider an increase only after all efforts have been made to find cost efficiencies. If the mill levy needs to be raised, I will look at minimizing increases by limiting them to well defined needs.

During my term, the mill levy has increased for the following reasons:

New Police Station (1.25 mills)
The police were previously housed in several buildings that needed significant renovations. An analysis was done that indicated a new facility would be more cost effective than upgrading old facilities.

City Operations (0.533 mills)
Prior to making a mill levy adjustment for Operations, we cut $1 million from the General Fund which included cutting 7.5 full-time positions.


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