People without Homes in Lawrence

This figure shows the commitment we’ve made to helping those in need. We are continuing to enhance these programs
with a new Housing Initiatives Division that will further address emergency shelter needs, outreach, and rapid rehousing.

Lawrence exhibits great heart in trying to provide shelter and services to people without homes in our community. It is well known that the need is much greater than the available resources.

Solving homelessness for those who want housing is a daunting and very complex endeavor that has not been successfully solved by stand-alone entities. Developing a successful program will require a team of diverse entities including the city, county and service providers that are willing to collaborate with each other and work as a team.

To lead the effort in addressing the homeless and affordable housing issues, we are expanding our Community Development Division to include homeless outreach, emergency sheltering and rapid rehousing.

This city division will be called the Housing Initiatives Division. This will include all programs related to affordable housing and people without homes. The expansion of this Division will be the best opportunity to build a coordinated, structured, and focused program for addressing homelessness and affordable housing.

Our next steps includes a systematic and data-driven approach that will avoid overlapping and duplicative services and relies upon the strength of each entity.


  1. The city is working with the county to do a system-wide needs assessment to determine the best collaborative method to provide housing and support.
  2. Using the Built for Zero housing model which relies on building a diverse team of providers and funders with shared goals and shared commitments.The Built for Zero housing model has been successfully used by several communities to reach what is known as functional zero where homelessness is ended or there have been significant reductions in the homeless population.
  3. Each partner is accountable to each other and the community for successful implementation of their commitments.



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