“Every day of my 31-year career as an environmental geologist I saw the environmental damage that our energy use and chemical disposal practices caused and the environmental injustice impact on some of our communities. I was committed to clean up what I could then, and I am now committed to enacting the policies that ensure we do everything we can to minimize our carbon footprint.”    

– Lisa Larsen

Environment, Sustainability, and Equity

This figure shows some of the progress we are making in the areas of Environment, Sustainability, and Equity issues.

As a scientist, I have no doubt that climate change is real, and that our world is currently on a path that will continue to see extremes in weather that will jeopardize our ability to sustain ourselves.

As a City Commissioner, I have added my voice to calls for national action on climate change. I believe we will have the greatest impact when we address these issues at home. Plan 2040 is the community’s vision for growth in Lawrence. It is the road map that will make our community more sustainable.

I have strong scientific knowledge and negotiating skills to help ensure we stay on a path to address our contributions to climate change. We must do our part to assure a livable world for future generations. Plan 2040 and our goal to convert to 100% renewable energy supports our move to clean, renewable energy and prioritizes protection of non-renewable resources such as water and soil.

We also need to understand and clean up our own local environmental problems such as the contaminated Farmland site. My 31 years of experience in the field of environmental investigation and remediation will provide the leadership needed to guide us to a cost-effective remediation.

Building our community in a more sustainable is way one way we can address climate change.  Efficient investment in infrastructure means higher density. Not only will this approach help conserve resources; it will promote the health of our downtown area. With more people living downtown, we will maximize the use of existing infrastructure and provide support for businesses to flourish.

We must improve in making our community more equitable for all residents and ensure that the benefits of living in Lawrence are enjoyed by all. I believe the work we are doing to bring equity and sustainability to our community is making an impact, but more work is needed. We need to continue to add voices to our leadership positions that directly represent the communities most impacted by systemic inequities. To facilitate the changes needed, I will listen and work to understand the lived experiences of all Lawrencians, and I will seek solutions through community engagement to make sure all share the benefits of living in Lawrence. I believe we are up to the challenge.



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